Monday, April 18, 2011

Soaking Wet Keds

Earlier this afternoon, while babysitting Parker (8) and Tanner (4), we went down by the lake to feed the geese. Tanner could not hold in all his excitement to see these "black ducks” so, he took a triumphant leap up in the air... and landed in the water. I could not help but laugh when I saw his little eyes grow to the size of golf balls. He just looked at me waiting to see what I would say. Watching this brought me back to when I was his age.

My family was visiting Callaway gardens. Of course, I was acting very rambunctious (when was a time that I was not?) While having our pictures made by a small pond, something caught my eye. It was a frog. I constructed a foolproof plan to capture the little green guy. As I turn to go get him my mom said, "Caroline don't do that. You will fall in." In my raspy little voice, I said, "I won't fall in." SPLASH. My beautiful, most likely hand-me-down, keds tennis shoes were at the bottom of the pond. I just looked at my mom with wide eyes waiting for a response. I remember feeling embarrassed for what I had done.  I jumped out of the water as quick as I could. My mom scooped me up, and it was off to the bathroom to be cleaned up. I am sure my mom was frustrated having me complain about my wet shoes all day. However, I know she could not help but smile when she saw her little mess maker walking around in soaking wet keds.

I cannot help but miss being that careless little mess maker. Growing up was the least of my worries. All I knew was my shoes were wet.

War Eagle to being little.

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